Disadvantage in the Australian Capital Territory

  • Vu, Quoc (CI)
  • Cassells, Rebecca (CoI)
  • Mcnamara, Justine (CoI)

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    Up to date data on disadvantage in the ACT is very limited, partly because small sample sizes for the ACT in national income surveys make it difficult to disaggregate data for this region. However, the evidence that does exist (both quantitative and anecdotal ) suggests that many families in the ACT may be experiencing financial hardship, but these experiences are often hidden due to the overall relatively high incomes typical in Canberra. In this project, we propose to take two approaches to examining aspects of disadvantage in the ACT. Firstly, we intend to look at the characteristics of households living in the bottom national equivalised income quintile in the ACT and compare them with the other 80% of households or those in the top income quintile. Secondly, in order to get a broader picture of the economic well-being of low income families in the ACT we will look at the expenditure patterns of low income ACT households over time, and calculate price increases between 1998/99 and 2003/4 in order to analyse changes in the costs of living. The project will be managed by Dr Quoc Ngu Vu, with most of the modelling and anaylsis carried out by Ms Rebecca Cassells and Dr Dr Quoc Ngu Vu. Dr Justine McNamara will be involved in project planning, qualitiy assurance and technical support. It is planned to release some findings from the project for Poverty Week, which starts on Oct 15 2007, so the project timetable is very tight.
    Short titleDisadvantage in the Australian Capital Territory
    Effective start/end date12/10/07 → …


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