Discovering the past and present to shape the future: networking environmental sciences forunderstanding and managing Australian biodiversity (administered by the University of Adelaide)

  • Georges, Arthur (CI)
  • FITZSIMMONS, Nancy (CoI)
  • FITZSIMMONS, Nancy (CoI)
  • Hill, Bob (CoI)

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    Biodiversity research is strong in Australia but is highly uncoordinated and, along with recent major breakthroughs in both theory and techniques, has highlighted the need for a Network to properly integrate research and focus it on the most appropriate scale. This Network aims to bring together a diverse spectrum of highly experienced and early career researchers to pool their ideas and expertise to allow them to determine how best to describe Australia's current biodiversity and the biological and environmental history leading up to the present. A major outcome will be the ability to predict the impacts of environmental change on biodiversity to assist management decisions across Australia, with lessons of global importance.
    Short titleDiscovering the past and present to shape the futu
    Effective start/end date14/05/0531/12/09


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