DNA barcoding and eDNA metabarcoding on marine samples

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    This project is part of the EU funded BEST 2.0 Biopelagos project, which aims at studying the biodiversity of oceanic pelagic ecosystems for better conservation and management of outstanding natural areas of New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna.

    This project involves:
    •barcoding (multiple markers required, indicate which markers) of ~200 species (with replicates)
    •preparation of data and delivery of that data to the identified public genetic databases
    •eDNA analysis of ~15 water samples
    •eDNA analysis of ~35 micronekton juice samples
    •eDNA analysis of ~35 seabird faeces, and
    •integrated analyses of the genetic work from this project with taxonomic work from Biopelagos.

    StatusNot started


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