DOPA as a potential therapeutic for diseases of oxidative stress

  • DEAN, Roger (CI)
  • Foxwell, Ruth (CoI)

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    Our extensive previous work on free radical biochemistry and protein damage in diseases such as atherosclerosis has led us to the prediction that DOPA, a safe amino acid used in therapy of Parkinson's, may have broader therapejtic use. Because it is a primary product of protein oxidationm and uniquely, is redox active and emtal sequestering, we propose that it is poised to signal the need for enhanced oxidative defences. We will test whether sacrificial and enzymatic antioxidants are under control of DOPA in human cells. We will also undertake gene array and protein expression studies to determine the range of proteins which are regulated by DOPA. These studies are a preliminary to larger studies for which national competitive funding will be sought; there may also eventually be commercial possibilities.
    Short titleDOPA as a potential therapeutic for diseases of ox
    Effective start/end date1/01/0530/06/06


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