Draft National eDNA Test Validation Guidelines

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The objective of this project is to develop and deliver: 1) National eDNA Test Validation Guidelines and 2) NETP Guide for Authors for developing National Environmental DNA Test Protocols (NETPs). The Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment has been researching innovative molecular environmental DNA (eDNA) testing technologies with the aim of operationalising scientifically robust, efficient technologies for environmental and biosecurity risk management and other compliance and control purposes. For the department to implement National eDNA Testing Capability (under the program of the same name) we require all tests used for environmental and biosecurity purposes to be validated to the highest fit-for-purpose scientific standards, with accompanying National Environmental DNA Test Protocols. While there are existing similar international test validation and protocol development guidelines (e.g. OIE & IPPC) they are primarily for developing diagnostic assays for animals and plants and are not suitable for eDNA testing for target species from environmental samples. As an authorised Competent Authority, we are required to exercise due diligence and ensure an appropriate and responsive governance system is in place. This contract will deliver two critical projects necessary to achieve this goal. . The outcomes will be to: 1. Produce draft National eDNA Test Validation Guidelines for approval and publication via the department as the governing body. 2. Produce draft NETP Guideline for Authors for approval and publication via the department as the governing body.
Short titleeDNA Validation Guidlines
Effective start/end date17/06/2130/06/22


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