DTF-Tactical Cueing System for Threat and Degraded Visual Environments for Army Aviators and Dismounted Soldiers

  • Mcgrath, Braden (CI)

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This DTF2 project will demonstrate the use of tactile displays for dismounted soldiers. It has been established that dismounted soldiers consistently experience heavy cognitive and visual workloads, particularly during navigation and patrol in unfamiliar terrain during night operations, during ground robot control, and under conditions of high stress and time pressure when attention demands are high, visibility is low, and the need for stealth is critical.
At the same time, dismounted soldiers must master new technology in the form of displays (e.g., smartphone and tablet map displays), controls (e.g., robot controls), and communication devices. Given the high attentional demands, coupled with additional technology that must be mastered, cognitive demands on dismounted combatants are increasing. As a result, TCS research has been focused on the development of more naturalistic interfaces that are easy to learn and easy to use, that soldiers can intuitively understand, that will allow them eyes-free, hands-free operation, and that will free their attention to their surroundings and potential threats.
TCS technology will deliver a hands-free, eyes-free, and ears-free display for ADF dismounted soldiers.
Short titleTactile Cueing
Effective start/end date28/03/1816/11/19


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