Early Belongings: Activating Civic Values in ACT Early Childhood Settings (see comments)

  • Taylor, Affrica (CI)
  • Richardson, Carmel (CoI)

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    This project aims to further understanding of the ways in which children negotiate their (gender and ethnic) identities within the culturally diverse context of the early childhood centre. The direct outcomes will be: publication of findings in (commissioned) Research in Practice AECA booklet, plus additional academic journals; promotion of UC as a lighthouse research institution in early childhood civics education; development of professional (training) network within ACT early childhood teaching sector (in diversity, inclusive and civic education). Of broader significance, findings will be used to develop a pedagogical model for inclusive civic values education in early childhood (DEST 2004  Recommendation 9)
    Short titleEarly Belongings: Activating Civic Values in ACT E
    Effective start/end date29/10/04 → …


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