Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA) F-2 Program

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To deliver the Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA) F-2 program, which seeks to increase the participation of Australian children in STEM education and improve their digital literacy. It will build on the ELSA Preschool Program developed by the University of Canberra.
The ELSA F-2 program will provide the opportunity for young children to explore an online, play-based learning environment, delivered through a series of digital tools that are rich in STEM concepts.
The program will be delivered through the Foundation year of school to Year 2 (F-2). For the purposes of this document, the Foundation year of school is the first year of compulsory schooling. This year is known by different names in different states and territories. Years 1 and 2 are the two years following the Foundation year.
Summary of services
The tenderer will be required to deliver the following:
ELSA digital tools
A suite of digital tools designed to improve STEM literacy and numeracy outcomes for children in the F-2 years of school.
The digital tools will be developed in consultation with subject matter experts in STEM and F-2 education. They should be aligned to the Australian Curriculum.
The digital tools should encourage active engagement, outside the tools themselves, that supports STEM practices within classroom and home environments.
There should be tools developed that support teachers to participate in the program; and to engage families and/or supervisors to enhance the sharing of learning experiences between school and home and to support parents and/or guardians in STEM-based experiences in the home.
School engagement
Schools should include a representative proportion from each state and territory, government and non-government schools, and schools in regional and remote areas; recognising that this may be limited by the schools that express interest in participating. The program should include a particular focus on engaging and supporting Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students as well as students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Short titleELSA F-2
Effective start/end date18/06/217/01/26


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