Economic impacts of disease on older workers: Costs to government and individuals and opportunities for intervention (administeredby Uni Syd)

  • PERCIVAL, Richard (CI)
  • KELLY, Simon (CoI)
  • KELLY, Simon (CoI)

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    With an ageing workforce, Australia is at risk of having aninadequate workforce to ensure economic growth and to maintainsufficient taxation revenue to support future needs. This project willprovide fill substantial gaps in the Australian evidence the healthconditions that keep older workers out of the labour market and thatdiminish their own immediate and long-term livings standards and reducefunds available to government. We will address one of the mostsignificant issues resulting fundamental changes to the demography ofthe Australian labour market and one regularly raised by the PrimeMinister and Treasurer in their speeches following the IntergenerationalReport.
    Short titleEconomic impacts of disease on older workers: Cost
    Effective start/end date29/06/0731/12/09


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