Economythologies – MoneyLab#X

  • Thwaites, Denise (CI)
  • Mauro-Flude, Nancy (CoI)
  • Pailthorpe, Baden (CoI)
  • Ilyas, Shahee (CoI)
  • Sluis, Katrina (CoI)
  • Rossiter, Ned (CoI)

Project: Research

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Research Overview/Background:

In a time of eco-crises, techno-uto/dystopias, disaster capitalism and necro-politics, communities the world over are compelled to examine the economic systems and narratives that have driven them towards cataclysm. In The Inoperative Community, Jean-Luc Nancy describes myth as a recitation through which community is conjured; its origins narrated, its destinies explained (or interrupted). Today myths are propagated, busted, contorted and exported through myriad of file formats, fiscal loopholes and economic fora.

Economythologies -- MoneyLab #X, brings together researchers from UC, WSU, ANU, RMIT, The Institute of Network Cultures (NL) alongside industry partners Ainslie+Gorman Arts Centre and Bett Gallery, to develop an event and publication program that critically explores the working and un-working of myths that shape our economic realities today. It is the first in the international series of MoneyLab programs to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, leveraging a global network of researchers exploring interventions and experiments in digital economy, financialization, alternative currencies and mutual-aid networks. Forging new networks between Australian and International practitioners, scholars, as well as industry and community partners, Economythologies --- MoneyLab #X, will assist in building a transdisciplinary research agenda on alternative economies that stretches across our planetary archipelago Australia, Asia, the Pacific and beyond.

Research questions:

• How do the images, artefacts and rhetoric of money establish collective community mythos?
• How can hybrid digital publication formats be used to cultivate new forms of critical making, thinking and activism?
• In what ways are the economic mythologies of the APAC region distinct from those currently emerging in Europe and the USA?

Research Methodology:

The Project’s experimental methodology leverages expertise across art and design, internet and media studies, critical theory, economic history and anthropology, art history and digital systems design. Through our event-based and publication outputs we will exemplify Frascati’s model of systematic creative research, using the novel deployment of hybrid arts-based methods to establish an archive of images, texts and ideas for future research.

Effective start/end date14/09/2031/12/20


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