ECR support - Islam

  • ISLAM, Nazrul (CI)

    Project: Research

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    The aims of this research program are to 1) obtain access to research materials, 2) obtain access to research assistance, 3) travel for research purposes to meet with experts in the research area, 4) participate in conferences and workshops for achieving research knowledge and skills, 5) establish collaborative research with other institutions, 6) search for external funding for future research. In addition, the program under this grant is to support an extended part of my ongoing research on the respiratory delivery of drugs from dry powder inhaler (DPI) formulation. However, currently available DPI formulations have been found to deposity only 20% of the drug in the lungs and the reason behind this is unclear. This proposal will help further research into improving the efficiency of drug delivery from DPI formulations.
    Short titleECR support - Islam
    Effective start/end date1/12/061/12/07


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