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  • Taylor, Affrica (CI)

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    This grant will be used to advance and broaden Affrica's enthographic early childhood research program entitled, 'Early Belongings'. Observations in the period 2004/5 focussed on the relationship between young children's gender and ethnic identity play and peer group social inclusion/exclusion. Dominant and marginal identity 'performances' were observed and analysed using poststructural cultural theories. Articles about children's awareness of 'whiteness' as a high status identity and their negotiations of traditional and non-traditional gender roles have been published. This grant will support the writing of further publications related to these findings, as well as an additional phase of data collection in Koori preschools. The latter will add an indigenous perspective to the study.
    Short titleECR support - Taylor
    Effective start/end date17/07/0616/07/07


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