Energetic costs of sex reversal in lizards: implications for understanding evolutionary transitions between environmental and genotypic sex determination

  • Noble, Daniel (CoI)
  • Noble, Essie (CoI)
  • Wild, Kris (CoI)
  • Sarre, Stephen (CI)
  • Georges, Arthur (CoI)
  • Dissanayake, Dumie (CoI)

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Our aims are to understand patterns of energy turnover, growth and growth costs in both wild and labreared animals of different genetic/phenotypic sex to better understand the metabolic consequences of sex-reversal in two model systems with different patterns of GSD, Bassiana duperryii [XX (female): XY (male)] and Pogona vitticeps [ZW (female): ZZ (male)]. These are ideal systems as we already have sex-markers developed and a great deal of prior knowledge on the frequencies and abundances of sex-reversal in the wild. We will test the following questions
Short titleEnergetic costs of sex reversal
Effective start/end date23/03/201/12/21


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