Environmental DNA for aquaculture biosurveillance - using harmful algae Heterosigma as a model

  • Noble, Tansyn (CoI)
  • Lins, Luana (CoI)
  • Wynne, James W (CoI)
  • Taylor, Richard (CoI)
  • Willis, Anusuya (CoI)
  • Trujillo Gonzalez, Alejandro (CI)
  • Schwessinger, Benjamin (CoI)

Project: Research

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In this project we propose to use eDNA methodologies to detect and monitor the abundance and toxin producing phenotypes of Heterosigma from aquaculture systems. While Heterosigma will be examined as the model species in this study, the technology and learning from this project can be translated across many other species of concern.
StatusNot started


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