Environmental Sustainability Education Program for the NSW Construction Industry

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The program will improve the awareness and skills of environmental sustainability for construction engineers, managers, and workers in NSW. An informative and visual guidebook for education will be developed by combining theory, practice, and assessment for mapping the success of green construction. At least 10 free advisory, mentoring, presentation and improvement process will be implemented by cooperating with the local associations and communities and engaging with large and small construction companies. The environmental significance embodies in reducing resource consumption, eliminating waste and pollutions, improving waste recycling, using recyclable materials, and protecting nature and wildlife. It can support threatened species recovery and benefit to climate change mitigation objectives.
There are six main steps implemented in the program, as followings:
First, reference resources such as a public website, a guidebook, videos, and pamphlets will be developed for environmental sustainability education through desk research and site investigation in particular field studies, focus groups, questionnaire/online surveys, in-person interviews, and literature review.
Second, the website with the developed reference resources will be promoted by cooperating with institutions and local companies such as the Australian Institute of Building, Master Builders Association, Architects Declare, Engineers Declare, and Australian Technology Association. The research results will be presented and published in national conferences and international journals.
Third, free advisory and training services with practical demos, presentations, and workshops will be provided for construction workers, engineers, managers, consultants, executives, and educators.
Fourth, the competition and display activities and projects of sustainable construction will be advertised and organised by working with the Australian Institute of Building and Master Builders Association.
Fifth, a mentoring and application period will be carried out to on-the-ground construction projects by executing the Six Sigma Process Improvement Methodology.
Finally, an evaluation and celebration process is to share improvements and lessons in sustainable construction for the whole industry by cooperating with the NSW construction companies and associations.
Effective start/end date10/10/22 → …


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