EOI: Inclusive co-design for strengthening food security: Sago food safety net in Western Province, PNG.

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This project will develop an inclusive co-design process for strengthening food security in Western Province, PNG. Building on the findings of the DFAT-funded, desk-based SRA FIS/2021/122 and promising participatory methodologies reviewed in the aligned SRA FIS/2021/113, the project will:
a) test a method for effectively combining the expertise of Indigenous knowledge holders and scientists to build a resilient food safety net based on traditional staple crops in Western Province, PNG.
b) build on existing participatory methods and Melanesian wellbeing indicators to establish a place-based approach to strengthening food security in Western Province.

By investigating and testing locally appropriate design, implementation and translation processes we aim to enhance the effectiveness of donor investments across the Western Province, and build capacity for community-led programming.
Short titleInclusive co-design for sago food safety net
Effective start/end date1/09/232/09/24


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