Evaluation and Community Engagement Suite of Research Tools for Activations in Canberra City 

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This project aims to provide the City Renewal Authority with a suite of 5 informed, transferable, scalable and incentivised research and community engagement tools
to evaluate activations in the city and to engage community in a continuous dialogue that assists the CRA in co-constructing a more vibrant city with both activators (artists, community groups, local business etc) and the community, and in meaningful ways.
The Play, Creativity and Culture Project, University of Canberra will:
(a) design and trial three different research models that examine the role and impact of the activations in the city;
(b) design and trial two ‘playful’ community engagement models (in accordance with the ACT Government’s "Engaging Canberrans: A guide to community engagement") that collect participant data on (i) current views about the vibrancy of the city, and (ii) strategies for enhancing vibrancy and wellbeing.

These 5 research tools will not only provide the CRA with data on 3 activations, as well as community data on the city and possible activations. These tools can then be replicated or adjusted for ongoing use by the City Renewal Authority.
Short titleResearch Tools for CRA
Effective start/end date10/04/1820/07/18


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