Evaluation of Nest Site Selection, Consequences of Temperature Induced Sex-Reversal on Offspring Phenotypes, and Maternal Investment in an Australian Lizard

  • Sarre, Stephen (CI)
  • Pearson, Phil (CoI)

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Many vertebrates have genotypic sex determination (GSD) where sex is determined by sex chromosomes. Though for many reptiles, sex is determined by temperature experienced during development (temperature-dependent sex determination; TSD). However, some lizards have evolved labile sex determination meaning under normal incubation temperatures GSD occurs but under extreme temperatures the genetic coding is overridden producing a sex-reversed individual. In this type of sex-reversal, a transition from GSD to TSD occurs in a single generation. As global temperatures increase, labile determination species could have a greater chance of producing sex-reversed offspring shifting the evolution of population structures and sex determination.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/03/22


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