Exercise epigenetics – supporting the respiratory health of elite Australian athletes

  • Pyne, David (CI)
  • Goldsmith, Chloe (CoI)
  • Vlahovich, Nicole (CoI)

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High-level training by elite athletes can impose substantial stresses on the immune system, increasing the risk of common respiratory illness, and impact negatively on training and competition performance. The AIS/ASC with its research partners the University of Canberra (UC), and the QLD Institute of Medical Research Berghofer (QIMRb), have developed a promising prototype epigenetic immune test that is predictive of an exhausted immune system. This project will continue development and validation of the epigenetic immune signatures with laboratory-based research, and a establish a framework for clinicians to access state-of-the-art predictive blood testing. The work will culminate in translation of research outcomes to a clinical support program for Australia sports, coaches and athletes in the lead-up to Paris 2024 Olympics.
Short titleExercise epigenetics respiratory health
Effective start/end date27/05/2130/09/23


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