Exercise Physiology in Practice: Development of an Evidence Based Practice Network

  • Pumpa, Kate (CI)
  • Williams, Andrew Dafydd (CoI)
  • Selig, Steve (CoI)
  • Davison, Kade (CoI)
  • Kitic, Cecilia M (CoI)
  • Brancato, Tania (CoI)
  • Parmentar, Belinda (CoI)
  • Fraser, Steve (CoI)
  • Schneider, Silvia (CoI)

Project: Research

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Currently, there is very little evidence on the efficacy of AEP-led exercise interventions "in practice" for people with chronic disease. This project aims to determine the effectiveness of services provided by Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) for clients with type 2 diabetes on sustained participation on physical activity and clinical markers. Clients with typoe 2 diabetes who are referred by their General Practitioner to one of the participating Exercise Physiology clinics will be recruited for this study.
StatusNot started


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