Fortress or sanctuary? Enhancing court safety by managing people, places and processes

  • TAIT, David (CI)
  • Auty, Kathryn (CoI)
  • BLACKMAN, Deborah (CoI)
  • Brawn, Graham (CoI)
  • Chambers, Scott (CoI)
  • Jackman, Doug (CoI)
  • Missingham, Gregory (CoI)
  • Rickwood, Debra (CoI)
  • Reddy, Prasuna (CoI)
  • Sarre, Warick (CoI)
  • Wallace, Anne (CoI)

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Courts, like other public buildings, are increasingly becoming fortresses as public anxieties about security are translated into barriers, electronic screening systems and enhanced surveillance. At the same time court administrations are trying to create environments that reduce stress, avoid intimidation, and respect cultural diversity. Restorative and therapeutic styles of justice have emerged to provide greater cultural and psychological safety. The project provides a comparative analysis of safety processes, practices and designs in four jurisdictions, documents the safety experience and expectations of stakeholders, and develops best practice guidelines for providing safer court environments.'',
Short titleFortress or sanctuary? Enhancing court safety by m
Effective start/end date7/05/087/05/11


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