From Talking Heads to Thinking Heads: A Research Platform for Human Communication Science (administered via UWS)

  • Burnham, Denis (CoI)
  • WAGNER, Michael (CI)

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    In this project current Talking Head technology will be taken into the realm of a high-fidelity Thinking Head, with implications and applications for basic and applied research. Outcomes will bear on human-machine communication, telecommunications, e-commerce, and mobile phone technology; personalised aids for disabled users, the hearing impaired, the elderly, and children with learning difficulties, foreign language learning; and will facilitate the development of animation in new media, film, and games. In addition to output in scholarly journals, beta-versions of the Head will be made available, and public visibility for the project will be facilitated by the incorporation of high-profile installations and exhibitions
    Short titleFrom Talking Heads to Thinking Heads: A Research P
    Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/11


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