Gerontology Nurse 4-University Consortium for Clinical Placements in Aged Care

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The Gero-Nurse Consortium is a group of four Universities with extended experience in practical nursing education implementation and gerontological research. The Consortium demonstrate sustained focus on increasing the ability of nurse graduates to provide individualised evidence-based nursing care for older Australians. This Consortium will create a program where 100% of our graduate nurses will receive a quality aged care experience, supported by gerontological nursing expertise. The first component of delivery, in this 2023/2024 tender bid, will commence delivering that gerontological service expansion in a number of ways:

1. Increasing the quantity of gerontological nursing placements for the four Universities across multiple settings
2. Increasing the quality of quality of nursing clinical placements with increased access to gerontological nurse mentor facilitators, recognising that ‘older people are everywhere’
3. Utilise the evidence-based Gerontological Nursing Competencies Mentor program to create Gero-Facilitators.
4. Utilise their nation-wide reach of professional nursing and industry networks to employ professional gerontology nurses as facilitators, and to continue promoting gerontological nursing as a career pathway for students and early career nurses
Short titleG4 Consortium
Effective start/end date1/05/2331/12/24


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