Ginninderry Living Lab: Designing a Research Framework for better liveability and sustainability

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This one-year project involves co-design of a research framework with Ginninderry, the site’s residents and relevant stakeholders to formulate robust, creative methodologies to gather and evaluate data on liveability, wellbeing and sustainability in a greenfield development. Utilising a social practice approach we will develop, trial and iterate a place-based, citizen-centred participatory living lab methodological framework, leveraging both the Ginninderry and ACT Government (ACT Planning Strategy, 2018: 19) commitment to living lab research. Living labs are citizen-centred environments for innovation – situated in real-world contexts – within which public-private-people partnerships identify urban challenges and then develop and trial new practices, products, services to address these (Stahlbrost & Holst, 2017; Hossain et al. 2018). The living lab framework will first map existing community knowledges and practices, using this new knowledge to mobilise a practice-oriented community primed to engage in ongoing experimentation to trial and test a range of creative, design-led techniques centred on improving experiences of liveability and wellbeing and enactment of sustainable practices. An evaluation framework to assess short-term and long-term outcomes of the living lab experiments will also be developed. Key tasks include: 1.A review of the extant literature, and of indices designed to measure liveability, wellbeing and sustainability in urbandevelopment 2.A review of existing Ginninderry datasets and data collection methods 3.Co-creation of a living lab framework across a selected range of liveability, wellbeing and sustainability indicators (e.g. use ofhome and land; use of public space; energy use; participation in cultural life; happiness) 4.Co-design of experimental and design-led techniques for data collection to inform innovation, leverage existing knowledges andpractices and, where necessary, support social change and inform planning strategies and relevant urban policies.
Short titleGinninderry Living Lab Research Framework
Effective start/end date23/09/2122/09/22


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