Guidelines for psychological safety, mental health and wellbeing in sport.

  • Keegan, Richard (CI)
  • Vella, Stewart (CoI)
  • Okely, Tony (CoI)
  • Rice, Simon (CoI)
  • Swann, Christian (CoI)
  • Purcell, Rosemary (CoI)

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Over half of Australia’s population participate in organised sports and have a right to participate in a psychologically safe and healthy environment. Yet, sports clubs have no clear guidance on how to fulfil this substantial responsibility. There have been loud and urgent calls for the development of best practice guidelines for sports clubs which have yet to be answered. This project will develop evidence based guidelines for psychological safety, mental health and wellbeing in community sports clubs nationwide and provide strategies for their implementation and communication. When implemented, the expected benefit is a sports sector that is adequately equipped to protect and enhance the mental health of millions of Australians each year.
Short titleDeveloping Mental Health Guidelines for Sport
StatusNot started


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