Hay Wetlands Watering and Grazing Trial - The Response of the Vegetation Community to Wetland Flooding

  • REID, Mike (CI)
  • THOMS, Martin (CoI)

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    This project is funded by Land and Water Australia and the National Landcare Program. The project is to investigate the impact of stock grazing on the recovery of the wetland biodiversity after inundation with environmental water. The Land and Water Australia funding is through their project NDW32: Improving the management of wetlands on the Murrumbigdee River Floodplain. This project will focus on three selected wetlands on the properties Birriwa, Croidon and Narringa in the vicinity of Hay.
    Short titleHay Wetlands Watering and Grazing Trial - The Resp
    Effective start/end date1/09/0631/03/10


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