Higher education careers advice for low SES students, including low SES Indigenous students and low SES regional, rural and remote students.

  • Roberts, Philip (CoI)
  • Poretti, Laurie (CI)
  • O'Shea, Sarah (CoI)
  • Austin, Kylie (CoI)
  • Coyle, Julia (CoI)
  • Kilpatrick, Sue (CoI)
  • Singh, Sonal (CoI)
  • Brawley, Sean (CoI)
  • Skinner, Samantha (CoI)
  • Cull, Nicola (CoI)
  • Groves, Olivia (CoI)

Project: Research

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This project will critically investigate best practise initiatives that relate to careers advice and successful approaches to productive industry engagement for low SES (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and regional, rural and remote) students. This project will seek to establish overriding principles that would guide careers advice provided to school and nonschool leavers including the development of a ‘guide to partnerships’ with application across the sector to ensure consistent and meaningful careers advice.
Short titleNCSEHE 2019
Effective start/end date1/02/2030/06/21


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