Identifying clinically meaningful tests to identify gluteal tendon reconstruction candidates – the GTR study

  • Fearon, Angie (CI)
  • Brown, Nick (CoI)
  • Spencer, Trevor (CoI)
  • Smith, Paul N. F. (CoI)
  • Vicenzino, Bill (CoI)
  • Grimaldi, Alison (CoI)

Project: Research

Project Details


Participants with gluteal tendon tears will be recruited from the rooms of orthopaedic surgeons and followed for two years. At base-line, participants will have imaging (MRI and x-rays), a thorough clinical examination by a registered physiotherapist (Mr Trevor Spencer); 3D motion capture biomechanical analysis and a range of patient-reported outcomes. We will keep in touch with the participants over the two years. At that time the clinical, 3-D motion capture biomechanics and patient reported outcomes will be repeated. The characteristics of those that have gone on surgery will be compared with those that did not, and ROC analysis performed to identify clinically meaningful cut points.
Short titleThe Canberra GTR study
StatusNot started


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