Immunological mechanisms underlying the protective immune responses induced by botulinum oil adjuvanted vaccine

  • MAHALINGAM, Suresh (CoI)
  • SIMSON, Luby (CI)
  • Lehrbach, Philip (CoI)

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    Botulism is recognised as an important bacterial pathogen in commercial beef cattle in Australia and around the world. Development of affective, well-researched vaccine against Clostridium botulinum is a high priority for the cattle industry. A novel oil adjuvanted vaccine (Singvac from Fort Dodge Pty Ltd) has advantage over conventional vaccines as it provides full protection following a single administration. The aims of this study are to investigate the immunological mechanisms underlying the protective responses by this novel vaccine using bovine and murine models. This study will discover new control measures for botulism in Australia.
    Short titleImmunological mechanisms underlying the protective
    Effective start/end date12/01/0530/06/12


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