Implementation and Ecological Validation of the Acute Readiness Monitoring Scale (ARMS)

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Three studies will ascertain the best ways of implementing the newly developed ARMS readiness scale for usage in the military, and it's suitability for managing important outcomes of value to Army.

Outcomes from Study 1
• Identify, characterise and select priority areas of where ARMS could be implemented in an Army context
• Co-develop guidelines for the implementation and data analysis of the ARMS, whereby there is a mutual understanding among all stakeholders and agreement on developing a culture that supports its use

Outcomes from Study 2
• Determine the practical utility of day-to-day implementation of the ARMS
• Establish habitual reporting habits and monitoring practices of the ARMS in the selected cohort (determined by Study 1)
• Characterize the reliability and validity of the ARMS in a real-world setting over time, for ecological validity

Outcomes from Study 3
• Associate ARMS monitoring with valued performance outcomes – in combination and over time
• Establish threshold values and/or patterns that reflect a meaningful change in subjective readiness that can be used to ‘flag’ those individuals at potential risk of underperformance
Short titleImplementation of ARMS Monitoring
Effective start/end date12/04/2230/11/23


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