Implementing personalised wellbeing learning at Maribyrnong Primary: A wellbeing pedagogy professional learning and action-research initiative

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Evidence around the mental health and wellbeing challenges experienced by students and teachers is building in response to COVID-19. Finding ways to help students to (re)engage with their learning and school experiences in positive and psychologically healthy ways whilst ensuring the health and wellbeing of teachers delivering such education has become imperative. This project aims to support the educational wellbeing needs, goals, and challenges experienced by the Maribyrnong school community through the co-construction, implementation, and evaluation of an evidence-based, personalised wellbeing framework. The project combines professional learning and action-research, with mixed methods design to: (1) develop a community of inquiry and shared vision, and (2) collaboratively conduct pilot implementation and evaluation of evidence-based practice informed by stakeholder feedback. Key outcomes include the promotion of teacher wellbeing, student engagement and wellbeing, and school community relationships.
Effective start/end date9/11/2017/09/21


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