Improving chalkbrood disease protection in honey bee colonies using probiotics and prebiotics

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A simple methodology for determining bee colony health by using bee gut bacterial numbers (i.e. before disease symptoms are seen in the hive). For fungal diseases, such as chalkbrood, bacterial numbers drop of in the gut; our research suggests this could potentially be used a predicator of disease. For bacterial diseases such as European Foul Brood (EFB) numbers of bacteria in bee gut are very high (significantly more than in healthy bees). This is most likely extendable to other bee diseases such as AFB, EFB, Nosema etc (i.e. using bee gut bacterial numbers as an indicator of hive health). This could allow apiarists to intervene in treatment of these hives before disease symptoms (such as for chalkbrood) are observable. To achieve this we have to document variation of nurse bee gut bacteria with seasons, disease and environmental factors; over at least three years.
Short titleChalkbrood protection and new honeys
Effective start/end date1/09/2019/04/23


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