Improving the physical health of young Australians living in the community, who have experienced early onset psychosis or are at ultra-high risk of developing psychosis, through an interdisciplinary, lifestyle intervention

  • Mckune, Andrew (CI)
  • Bacon, Rachel (CoI)
  • Kellett, Jane (CoI)
  • Brown, Nick (CoI)
  • Mawer, Tamieka (CoI)
  • Dawel, Laura (CoI)
  • Fothergill, Jenny (CoI)
  • Llew, Lewis (CoI)

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The mortality gap in people with mental illness compared to those without mental illness is primarily driven by preventable cardiometabolic disease, strongly related to unhealthy diet, sedentary behaviour and metabolic effects of antipsychotic medication. Our aim is to intervene early with a comprehensive, integrated lifestyle intervention.

We will conduct a 12-week Randomised Clinical Trial (RCT) embedded in the Specialist Youth and Mental Health Outreach program with staff, patients (n=24) and their families/carers. The trial will quantify how a lifestyle intervention can reduce cardiometabolic risk factors of young people (14-25 years) who have experienced early onset psychosis or are at ultra-high risk of developing psychosis. Specifically, we will test whether cardiometabolic and functional markers of physical health in these young people can be improved by a practical dietary intervention combined with a physical activity intervention. We will also track the mental health of this group to determine whether there are similar benefits from a coordinate lifestyle intervention.
Short titleINSPIRE - Lifestyle Intervention
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24


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