Indigenous Aquaculture Agri-Tourism - A Skill Initiative

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Indigenous aquaculture agri-tourism - A skills initiative.This project will-Develop indigenous agrifood enterprises through skills development and mentoring facilitation to support business productivity and growth-Answer an identified skills need area of tourism and business development within indigenous primary producers -Work towards a more positive image for the agrifood industry - the project will highlight the diversity and opportunities offered by undertaking a career in the agrifood industry-Build capacity through skills and training development within regional indigenous communities-Be an important imitative for the agrifood industries as it will assist industry in diversification. Importantly for the wider agrifood industry in essential drought proofing risk management activities by skilling them in a diversified business that if drought hits there is another source of income-Support the retention of existing workers through targeted and sustainable skills and training, especially for mature workersThe work to be conducted by the University of Canberra consists of two key components:a.Development of case studies of successful agri-foods tourismb.Contribute to the development of a resource tool-kit that documents the project outcomesCase studies will be provided in electronic format to be desktop published under the guidance of AFSIC.
Short titleIndigenous Aquaculture Agri-Tourism - A Skill Init
Effective start/end date1/06/081/05/09