Indigenous, micro, small and medium business cybersecurity standards ontology

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The cyber security research group has identified the requirement for improved communication between cyber security specialists and businesses. The project aims to build an ontology of cyber security standards used by small, medium and micro businesses to prepare for cyber security threats and improve cyber security resilience. While the Ontology build is funded by Surround Australia, they will also be providing the expertise to build the ontology on their own platform. This platform is currently in production in a number of Federal departments. The Handbook publication will be funded by a not-for-profit organisation called Pathfinders. Pathfinders will also provide the evaluation of the presentation and effectiveness of the Handbook. The collaboration with Industry and a not-for-profit organisation will strengthen the relationship with the local, and broader small and micro business communities in a niche area for the university.
Short titleCyber Security Standards Ontology
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/23


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