Internationalisation at Home: Enhancing Intercultural Capabilities of Business and Health Teachers, Students and Curricula

  • Mak, Anita (CI)
  • Barker, Michelle (CoI)
  • Buys, Nick (CoI)
  • Daly, Anne (CoI)
  • Grealish, Laurie (CoI)
  • Henderson, Sara (CoI)
  • Neill, James (CoI)
  • Woods, Peter (CoI)

Project: Research

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The project is designed to enhance the intercultural capabilities of tertiary teachers and students in Business and Health and develop adaptable curriculum resources for upskilling international and local students to be culturally competent in increasingly multicultural educational and work settings.
Short titleInternationalisation at Home: Enhancing Intercultu
Effective start/end date6/12/1028/02/13


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