Introducing voice recognition technologies into courtrooms: a proof of concept pilot project.

  • DUGDALE, Anni (CI)
  • Collings, Penny (CoI)
  • TAIT, David (CoI)
  • WAGNER, Michael (CoI)
  • WAGNER, Michael (CoI)

    Project: Research

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    Judges and court staff spend many hours turning the spoken word into the written word. Voice recognition technologies have the potential to do this more quickly and cheaply, with enhanced accessibility of data to other downstream users. But technological change occurs within specific social and organisational settings. This pilot project will develop procedures for implementing voice recognition technology within the social world of the ACT Magistrates Court, for onespecific application, the pronouncement of sentence. This project will develop a working (prototype of an) application and develop protocols for more general implementation strategies.
    Short titleIntroducing voice recognition technologies into co
    Effective start/end date12/09/0212/09/03


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