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The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO) directs the majority of monitoring funding to selected areas in the Murray-Darling Basin via the Monitoring Evaluation Research (MER) project.
The University of Canberra (UC) is the lead agency for the Lachlan MER selected area project. As a lead, UC has been invited to quote for the provision of additional modelling services.

The project will be a consultancy to complement the Lachlan MER project and seeks to procure the following services annually for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 watering years:
•Provide additional modelling of data to improve our understanding of the impact of flow regulation on annual in-channel flows and wetland inundation in the lower Lachlan river system.
•Obtain modelled daily flow data for natural (pre-development) flow conditions for the Lachlan River from the NSW Department of Primary Industry and Environment (DPIE Water) for five river gauges on the lower Lachlan River. These gauges will include the Booligal river gauge (412005) and the Corrong river gauge (412045) and the modelling will use the current NSW DPIE Water, Integrated Quantity and Quality Model (IQQM).
•Model floodplain and wetland inundation using the data supplied by NSW DPIE using the floodplain and wetland model developed by Higgisson et al (2019)* for the Lower Lachlan river system
•Compare these data sets to the actual current flow conditions of the Lachlan River over the annual reporting period (which includes environmental water) using river flow data acquired from WaterNSW (
•Discuss the effects of river regulation and use of environmental water during the water year on river-floodplain connection.
•Integrate the reporting of this component of work into the hydrology chapter of the annual MER report for the Lachlan Selected Area project.

*Higgisson W, Higgisson B, Powell M, Driver P, Dyer F. Impacts of water resource development on hydrological connectivity of different floodplain habitats in a highly variable system. River Res Applic. 2019;1–11.
Short titleLachlan hydrology
Effective start/end date30/09/2031/12/23


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