Laser ablation for restoration and conservation of Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Wain, Alison (CI)
  • Rode, Andrei (CoI)
  • Madden, Steve (CoI)
  • Proust, Gwenaelle (CoI)
  • Paradowska, Anna (CoI)
  • Drew, Michael K. (CoI)
  • Mohan, Meera (CoI)

Project: Research

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This project aims to develop laser ablation technology as a new restoration and conservation technique for removal of the corroded lead-based paint from the metal structures and reconditioning the granite-dressed pylons in order to maintain the integrity and original views of Sydney Harbour Bridge. The project will specify the most effective way for laser cleaning of large-area surfaces, which could be adapted to both man-held devices and automated robotic arms, determine the requirements for laser beam delivery and the ways to remove the potentially harmful ablated species. The outcome is the development of new laser conservation technique with least detrimental effects to retain the cultural and engineering significance of the bridge.
Effective start/end date20/08/1919/08/22


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