Legal Professional Work in Large Law Firms

  • Fleming, Don (CI)
  • Daly, Anne (CoI)
  • LEWIS, Phil (CoI)

Project: Research

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This project is a cross-disciplinary case study of legal professional work in 30 large law firms in Sydney. The project aims to investigate and report on:- Internal labour market factors such as recruitment and career paths, mobility, remuneration and qualifications- The organisaton, allocation and control of work inside large law firms, including the significance attitudes to legal gender- The impact of corporative workplaces on professional modes of work and solicitors attitudes to legal professionalism, legal ethics and regulatory complianceThe project will also contribute to policy debates on the reform of the practicing legal profession and the wider devate on changes in the work of professional occupations in Australia
Short titleLegal Professional Work in Large Law Firms
Effective start/end date21/07/0331/05/05


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