Making the Switch - Effective wood heater replacement policy

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    Wood heater smoke is a leading cause of air pollution in many parts of Australia. This pollution results in substantial health harms, which are avoidable through cleaner heating options. However, reducing wood heater pollution has proved complex, with social, economic and equity challenges. Wood heater replacement schemes offer a promising policy option and have underpinned several successful interventions in Australia and elsewhere. Their wide-scale rollout has potential to substantially reduce wood heater related harms, however, if this promise is to be realized, the schemes require large-scale funding and effective design that is tailored to ensure consumer uptake. In this context, policy makers urgently need research to demonstrate: (a) the parameters required to ensure scheme uptake; and (b) the economic case for large-scale investment.
    Effective start/end date27/03/241/11/26


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