Mapping Drug Driving, Drug Use and Risk Perceptions in the ACT: On-Road Drivers, Entertainment-Venue Attendees and Learner-Licensed Drivers

  • COOPER, Gabrielle (CI)
  • LIN, David (CoI)
  • Apollonio, Gino (CoI)
  • LENNARD, Chris (CoI)
  • LENNARD, Chris (CoI)
  • MORRISON, Paul (CoI)

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Following a previous pilot roadside drug test study, this project will study additional on-road drivers, potential drivers of targeted drug use groups and new holders of driver licences in the ACT, in order to quantify risk levels of drug driving and determin risk factors and risk perceptions for preventive measures and educational programs
Short titleMapping Drug Driving, Drug Use and Risk Perception
Effective start/end date13/09/0730/11/10


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