Measuring national productivity impacts of chronic ill health on patients and carers and the potential benefits of health and policy interventions

  • Tanton, Robert (CI)
  • Schofield, Deborah (CoI)
  • Shrestha, Rupendra N. (CoI)
  • Kelly, Simon (CoI)
  • Carter, Hannah (CoI)
  • Li, Jinjing (CoI)
  • Veerman, Jacob Lennert (CoI)
  • Passey, Megan E. (CoI)

Project: Research

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This project aims to develop a series of metrics to address the national impact of chronic ill health and mortality on productivity and its related economic consequences and then develop a microsimulation model to apply the metrics and provide national estimates of productivity impacts of chronic illness and mortality on individuals, families, carers and government;
Effective start/end date1/07/2030/06/24


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