Mental Health Tribunals: Freedom, protection, fairness, or right to treatment? (administered by University of Sydney)

  • TAIT, David (CI)

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    In determining treatment options for mentally ill people, mental health tribunals must balance the person's right to treatment with rights to safety, justice and freedom from coercion. Much studied overseas, Australia lacks information aboutthe 'fairness' of hearings. Applying popular 'therapeutic jurisprudence' literature, this project studies the impacts of hearings in 3 diverse Australian jurisdictions (NSW, VIC and ACT). It uses field observations, interviews and file reviews to isolate best practice reforms. Broader than overseas work, it assesses the actual and perceived fairness of hearings, and the therapeutic outcomes for patiens. As in Britain, the project will inform legislative reform and tribunal practices.
    Short titleMental Health Tribunals: Freedom, protection, fair
    Effective start/end date1/01/0530/06/09


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