Metapopulation and habitat quality: towards an integrated approach to the conservation of an endangered grassland lizard

  • SARRE, Stephen (CI)
  • OSBORNE, Will (CoI)
  • OSBORNE, Will (CoI)

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    Australia has one of the worst records of any country for extinction in the last 200 years and altered approaches are required if we are to avoid further extinctions in the very near future. The Grassland Earless dragon is one taxon that sits on the brink of extinction through habitat loss and fragmentation. We will apply genetic and field experimental approaches to develop a scientific basis to underpin the sound conservation management of this species. In so doing, we will develop a management framework that will have the potential to be applied to other endangered species.''
    Short titleMetapopulation and habitat quality: towards an int
    Effective start/end date6/09/0715/02/15


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