Molecular changes in the retina during the development of myopia

  • MEGAW, Pam (CI)

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    Myopia is a major health problem. In addition to the costs of optical correction, low myopia is associated with an increased risk of glaucoma and cataract, and high myopia with an increased risk of retinal degeneration. In urban areas of East Asia, over 80% of school-leavers are now myopic - 20-30% are highly myopic, with 50% risk of legal blindness later in life. We have recently shown similarly high levels in selective high schools in Sydney. This epidemic calls for the development of safe control measures. The aim of this project is to characterise, in animal models, the molecular changes in the eye during the development of myopia as the basis for defining the mechanism of action of the only known treatment, daily administration of atropine eye-drops, and for the development of alternative therapies with less side-effects
    Short titleMolecular changes in the retina during the develop
    Effective start/end date1/05/0531/05/06


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