Mt Kosciuszko: Visitor Numbers, Experiences and Expectations

  • RITCHIE, Brent (CoI)

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    The environmental sustainability of visitation in the unique environment of Mt Kosciuszko is related to the carrying capacity, which is influenced by the visitor's experience of the area. This research builds on a previous survey conducted by the researcher (Easter 2005) by increasing the sample size, and collection period (over 4 months) and will enhance understanding of the visitor's experience, place attachment and wilderness appreciation; help develop a model to estimate Mt Kosciuszko's visitation (using multiple sources of data) and provide a basis for applying for an external grant to conduct similar research across a broader geographical area around KNP.
    Short titleMt Kosciuszko: Visitor Numbers, Experiences and Ex
    Effective start/end date18/10/0525/04/06


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