National implementation of global goals: Coherence between Nationally Determined Contributions and the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Pickering, Jonathan (CI)
  • Persson, Åsa (CoI)
  • Linnér, Björn-Ola (CoI)
  • Maltais, Aaron (CoI)
  • Singh, Priyatma (CoI)

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Several studies have pointed at potential goal conflicts between the Nationally Determined C ontributions to the Paris Agreement (NDC s) and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thus far, connections made at a rhetorical level have not translated into strategies and practices of strong policy coherence, which can be seen as a hallmark of truly ambitious climate action.

Our aim is to enhance effectiveness of policy coherence efforts by countries in their NDC and SDG work. Building on our existing analysis of NDC and SDG interaction, including a visualisation tool used by the UN, this project takes a next step in policy coherence research by using a robust framework for comparative analysis of in-depth country cases representing different levels of vulnerability and fossil fuel dependence: Australia, Colombia, Fiji and Sweden. It will analyze the applicability of insights gained for other countries. The project responds to calls from the scientific community to focus on national implementation and understand domestic factors influencing climate ambition. It also responds to calls from policy practitioners in the case countries and international organizations for best practices and tools for enhancing policy coherence. The research team has a proven track record in engaging in co-creation with stakeholders and producing policy-relevant tools and guidance. It is supported by a reference group including several key Swedish and international organizations.
Short titleNational implementation of global goals
Effective start/end date1/01/1930/11/22


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