Next-Gen Robotics (Germii) - UC Co-funded PhD scholarships

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4 co-funded PhD scholarships to study and develop Robotics in healthcare:
• Cognitive robotics PhD. Focused on understanding cognitive computing aspects of HRI, including how these agents perceive human action and coordinate interactions. Development of new cognitive architectures.
• Affective robotics PhD. Focused on affective computing and physical embodiment, interpreting and expressing affect in embodied systems in meaningful and contextually-appropriate interactions within the healthcare context.
• Psychology-oriented HRI PhD. Focused on establishing problem spaces and potential robotics mappings in healthcare settings using a co-design framework. Assessment and evaluation, establishing new definitions and metrics of HRI utility and performance in healthcare contexts.
• Multidisciplinary social sciences-oriented PhD. Focused on the utility of robotics in healthcare, including health econometrics, ethics, the feasibility of robotic systems in aged and healthcare contexts, and logistical, policy and physical barriers and opportunities to deployment.

Effective start/end date1/07/2330/06/27


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