Non-invasive prediction and measurement of the effects of titrated simulated moderate altitute (1000-3000m) on athletic performance (see comments)

  • AUGHEY, Rob (CI)

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    This study will examine the effects of mutliple moderate altitudes on the VO2max and performance of well trained cyclists.This project will enable researchers to examine the effects of three simulated altitudes on performance, maximal oxygen uptake, and genetic factors involved in hypoxia adaptation, as well as trailing a non-invasive predictor of performance at altitude. This project will generate significant new knowledge to be applied in work practices of RAAF aircrew, and Australia¿s elite athletes. Further basic scientific knowledge will be generated on the mechanisms involved in adaptation to a hypoxic environment. Knowledge generated will also be applied in the design of further scientific enquiry on the physiological response to hypoxia.
    Short titleNon-invasive prediction and measurement of the eff
    Effective start/end date5/10/055/10/06


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